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My Ally (Chapter 2)

submitted by badeandjorilily

Here you go (: Merry Christmas 
Camally (: I put a bit more time into this one then I did for the normally one. Sorry if you didn’t like the first chapter. I had really no inspiration but I have a ton for this one shot.

Camila’s POV

After Ally and Normani went upstairs I when up to find Lauren and Dinah. They were in the room that me and Lauren shared.

“She OK?!” Lauren asked before I could even open my mouth. I laughed and nodded.

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Study Habits

submitted by DJ


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I won’t give up on us- chapter 3


Chapter 3 

Lauren’s pov

“What happened? Are you ok?” She asked. I didn’t reply, I couldn’t I tried but when I opened my mouth I just cried even harder. She ran over to me and hugged me as we walked to my bed. We sat down she took my hand. “Did you have a fight with Keaton?” I nodded. “Do you want to talk about it? You know I’ll always be here for you.” She replied. After around ten more minutes my crying subsided to sniffing, I looked up at Camila. “We were out eating dinner when one of Keatons ex-girlfriends walked by. He asked her to sit down as they started talking. After five minutes I thought that he would ask her to leave so we could enjoy our date but he didn’t and he continued to talk to her. She even started to flirt with him a little and he didn’t even try to stop her. And worse he actually seemed like he enjoyed it. I couldn’t take it so I told him I needed to go and I ran out and took a taxi. I saw him running out of the place as I got into the taxt. I don’t know. Does he think we aren’t serious enough that he can flort with other people? Was he just playing with me? I’m just a game to him” I managed to speak while starting to sob again. She held me in her arms and I felt much better, I felt protected. I should have just stayed with Camila, I felt happier when I was around her, everytime I was around her i felt different. I felt very special. I liked her a lot but I never thought about anything more then friends because she was a girl and I liked boys, and I was also pretty sure that Camila was straight.

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5hallyluv-deactivated20130113 asked: Does anyone want a second chapter to "My Ally"?

I think they do :)

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Then and Now, Always and Forever: Chapter Four

submitted by Hannah

Lauren’s POV

After their first performance of Impossible

I honestly couldn’t believe it. Our hard work had paid off. Simon had just given us the news that we had made it to the top 16! I still couldn’t stop crying. The five of us were sitting on a couch hugging each other and crying and laughing because we literally could not make ourselves stop crying. It was messy, but we were just so happy we couldn’t contain ourselves!

                “Dear god, we ARE ONE DIRECTION. DO YOU ALL REALIZE THAT.” Camila hadn’t stopped talking about everything we had in common with the british boy band. I laughed. “I mean come on guys! There’s five of us, we were put together by the judges, Simon is our mentor. If we come in third place I might vomit everywhere!” She was so excited. It was adorable.

                “Third place? Forget that! Girls, we’re gonna win this thing!” We could always count on Ally to keep stroking our egos. “I don’t think there’s another contestant in this competition who has all the qualities we can offer! We’ll blow everyone else out of the water!” I hugged her hard and kissed her forehead.

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I hate surprises 2

submitted by Skye
I hate surprises 2

Camila’s POV
I dragged Lauren out the door. I really liked her but, I didn’t know if she liked me back. I was planning on taking her to cold stone the to the park. We started walking because we didn’t really need a car. She then got a little bit impatient. “Where are we going, Camz?” I giggled and shook my head ignoring her question. We finally got to cold stone, the biggest most adorable smile was plastered on her face. “Yay! I love you so much for this,” she screamed pulling me into a hug. She got so excited because she has been wanting cold stone for a really long time but, we were always rehearsing. “No problem, boo.” I pinched her cheeks as we headed to the counter to order. As she ordered I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I hardly realized the cashier say, ” And, for you?” I quickly recovered blushing a little bit. “Just a plane vanilla.” Lauren looked at me with a smirk on her face, ” That’s really all you want?” I laughed then said, ” Ya didn’t lemme finish,” I continued, ” With caramel, chocolate kisses, and cookie crumbs.” “That’s my girl,” she said. I paid the cashier and we made our way out the store. “Now to the park,” I yelled with a spoonful of ice cream I’m my mouth. Lauren giggled and started running ahead of me with her spoon hanging out her mouth. ” Hey! You didn’t even tell me we were racing you freaking cheater!” I screamed running after her. We sat on a bench and the sun made her eyes look beautiful. They were an emerald green color. I almost got lost in them. I decided to tell her the truth, how I really felt about her. “Lauren?” I started. “Yes, Camz?” She asked furrowing her eyebrows. ” I love you,” I blurted out. ” Ok Camz I love you too,” she said confused but happy. ” No, I mean I’m IN love with you.”

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Sight - Chapter 15


Camila’s POV

We had results show last night. And we made it through another week. 6th. Dropped down a spot, but hey, at least we’re safe. And I’m good with that because I’m really not ready to leave this place. She’s still scared, and if we leave now, I know for sure that it’ll be way easier for her to ignore her feelings and forget me.

Rest day today and everyone was just hanging out around the mansion.

“Hey Camila! You ready?” Drew asked.

“Huh? For what?” I asked back to which he responded with nothing but a huge smile.

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Sight - Chapter 14


Lauren’s POV

“Then Lauren, tell me, how can something so wrong feel this right? Everything with you just works. I love you. More than I have ever loved anyone. If this really is wrong, then maybe I don’t wanna be right anymore.” she poured her heart out to me after that mind-blowing kiss.

“But I don’t want to be wrong.” I replied, but then totally regretted it the moment I saw Camila’s face. I hurt her. She stepped back and quietly crawled to her bed. And I followed suit. I turned the lights off and closed my eyes when Camila spoke. 

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